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Restriction in Venice

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

While I was researching, I came across a very interesting note about Venetian artists. There was a discussion about how Florentine artists could move around the visual arts and kind of do what they wanted to do where as in Venice the artists could legally not do that. Is that the case? I have always wondered why Titian and his contemporaries didn’t try something else, since that was so common through out Italy. David Rosand, the author of the text that I saw this in, states that if Venetians produced something other than painting “it would have involoved a violation of the protected precincts of the different arti. Venetian masters were exclusively painters, depentori.” (10)

This is an extremely interesting idea to me, because I am so used to Florentine and Roman artists doing everything from painting to poetry and everything in between. I think this goes along with the style of Venice because it was solely about painting, thus color was more on their mind than architecture or sculpture, a very diseno idea.

This quote was from “Painting in the Sixteenth-Century Venice” by David Rosand (1997)